George Conway Compares Trump's Affidavit Request To Sopranos

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George Conway called out Donald Trump‘s request to see the affidavit that led to the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago. Trump has been frantically trying to learn the identity of the informant who squealed to the Feds, and Conway says this latest legal move is straight out of The Sopranos.

During a recent interview on Morning Joe, Conway rolled out his theory on Trump’s motives that would fit right at home outside of Satriale’s. Via Mediaite:

“First of all, they themselves would like to see the affidavit because, you know, Tony Soprano wants to know if Pussy Bonpensiero is the rat,” Conway began referencing the popular HBO show about a New Jersey mob boss.

“And they want to they want to see who was finking on them,” Conway added. The Guardian reported this week that top Trump aides believe that a Trump family member informed the FBI as to where to find key documents given the FBI’s intimate knowledge of where they were in Trump’s home.

Conway’s thoughts jibe with reports since the raid that Trump is obsessed (and paranoid) about who in his inner circle might have sold him out. He’s reportedly accused people of “wearing a wire,” and as Mediaite noted, there have been several theories that his own children and/or Jared Kushner turned against him to avoid prosecution.

On top of a potential “rat” in his midst, Trump has also been struggling to find legal representation due to his mercurial reputation and a penchant for not paying his bills. Other than that, it’s going pretty well.

(Via Mediaite)