'Better Call Saul' Writer On 'Worst Episode Ever' Response

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It’s finally here: the final episode of Better Call Saul written by Thomas Schnauz!

OK, maybe tonight’s episode will be better remembered for — spoiler alert? — introducing Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to the Breaking Bad prequel series, but Schnauz’s last hooray is worth mentioning. He’s the credited writer and/or director for some of the best episodes of both shows, including “End Times” and “Say Name” for Breaking Bad and “Winner” and “Bad Choice Road” for Better Call Saul. Schnauz is also a good Twitter follow; if he’s not sharing testicle movie titles, he’s tweeting about the polarizing reaction to last week’s classic con episode.

Schnauz acknowledged the feedback to “Nippy” in a tweet hyping tonight’s episode. “This is my last episode of #BetterCallSaul. Ever. I hope most of you like it. I hope a small portion of you (and you know who you are) are bored senseless by it and consider it the worst episode ever,” he wrote. The Comic Book Guys of the world are ready.

At the unveiling of the Walt and Jesse statues at the Albuquerque Convention Center over the weekend, creator Vince Gilligan had this to say about tonight’s Better Call Saul: “Spoiler alert, everybody. You’re hearing it first; no one else knows this yet. This coming Monday night, if you happen to be watching the AMC network — and thanks to them as well — you might just see these two on the next Better Call Saul.” I still think it would be extremely funny if Bryan Cranson and Aaron Paul showed up as two new characters, not Walt and Jesse. That would go over well with the fanbase.

You can watch the preview for “Breaking Bad” (the episode, not the show) below.